Corporate and US Tax Preparation:
We’re in the Business of Protecting Your Best Interests

We provide trustworthy expertise to help you navigate the complexities of corporate and US tax preparation, stress-free, year after year.

Our Corporate Tax Preparation Approach

Our corporate tax prep clients know that with SAJ, they can expect caring support from professionals who are deeply invested in understanding and supporting their businesses.

When we prepare your corporate taxes, we can cover:

T2 Corporate Filing

We ensure that your basic return is optimized so that you retain the maximum amount of income with total compliance, period.

Business Registration and Setup

We take care of the critical details that provide a sound foundation for your business.

We provide committed, expert management of your books, ensuring total compliance and bigger bottom lines.

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Our US Tax Preparation Approach

Our US tax prep clients depend on our deep expertise in US tax compliance and our total commitment to protecting their best interests.

When we prepare your US taxes, we can cover:

US tax filing for US Citizens living in Canada

We ensure your good standing in the US with our thorough, informed filing services.

US tax filing for Canadians working in the US

We’ll manage your filing with dependable expertise.

US real estate income

We’ll use our expertise in US real estate to help you maximize your investment.

US Investment Income

We’ll help protect what you have grown from your careful decision-making.


If you meet the “substantial presence” criteria, we’ll manage your obligations to the Internal Revenue Service.

US Gambling Winnings

We’ll help you to safely, lawfully retain the maximum amount of your winnings.

Why SAJ?

Because we prioritize long-term relationships, we get to know our clients’ businesses and the specifics of their personal financial situations with uncommon thoroughness. That’s how we do our very best work. And when it comes to clients with US tax prep needs, we protect their good standing in the US with total commitment. Since we began in 2003, our mission has been to know our clients as well as possible and serve their best interests.

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