Your Growth Is Our Goal

We’re in the business of total compliance and bigger bottom lines for our business clients.

Our Bookkeeping Approach

As your small business’ bookkeeping provider, we provide a variety of service levels that can cover:

Bank Reconciliation

We ensure your books of account are reconciled to your bank’s most recent bank statements on an ongoing basis.

Accounts Payable

We manage incoming invoices, securing approval, initiating payments, and updating balance sheets.

Accounts Receivable

We manage outgoing invoices, recording payments as assets once they are received.

GST and PST Returns

We file your GST and PST Returns, ensuring your compliance and maximizing your returns.

General Ledger Review

We analyze your ledger transactions to validate charges and credits, ensuring your compliance.

Financial Statements

We will prepare Profit & Loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Year-end Accounting

We will record all transactions, review all statements, do a bank reconciliation, check Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and perform an inventory count to help you prepare for year-end.

Tax Filings

We will file all appropriate paperwork to ensure your compliance as well as your maximum profitability.

Our Payroll Approach

As your small business’ payroll services provider, we provide a variety of service levels that can cover:

Payroll Calculations

We determine your gross payments, then subtract your deductions.


We create T4 slips for your employees’ tax filings.

WCB Remittance and Claims

We manage any claims to or fees owed to the Worker’s Compensation Board.

Records of Employment

We prepare Records of Employment for any employees, past or present.

PD7A Remittance

We report EI premiums, CPP contributions, and federal income tax withheld from your employees’ pay.

Why SAJ?

Since we began in 2003, our success has been built on relationships with our long-term business clients. With every year, as they grow, we grow in our ability to serve them, helping ensure their success by understanding their businesses intimately. We do our best work by investing into relationships that last for years. We never forget that our job is to know our clients as well as possible and serve their best interests.

Ask us about how we can support your success with our bookkeeping services